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17 June 12
I suppose what I’m really trying to get at is how we Filipinos must reflect on how we relate to one another, especially to others who may not be within our social circles. Or rethink how we determine who gets to be included in those circles in the first place. I think it would benefit us all if the next time we do our groceries, or enter a parking lot, or buy something at a store, or order something at a restaurant, we remember that we are not merely talking to someone who ‘works for us’ but someone who, just like the rest of us, is earning a living for themselves and their families, who has the same need for rest and recreation, for a vacation, who laughs at jokes and enjoys the company of good friends. Let’s take down the barrier we’ve been putting up with for so long, whoever put them there (ourselves or history). Let’s treat each other as Filipinos, whatever shoes we wear, whatever car we drive or jeepney we ride, whatever accent we may have. Perhaps that is one of many simply good beginnings to a better and more egalitarian nation for all of us.

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