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27 June 12
Hi, I Dare You To Live. 

Hi, I Dare You To Live. 

24 June 12

Our family’s own version of Call me Maybe :) Love these dudes!!  ♡

16 June 12
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5 June 12


Bye Highschool :(

Sana panoorin nyo. Sobrang sobrang pinaghirapan namin yan at sobrang effort din mabuo lang yan. Promise, hindi sayang yung time nyo. Para din sa mga highschool pa jan, try nyo magbigay ng time para gumawa ng gantong video bago kayo gumraduate. Kasi imagine, after 5 or 10 years, sobrang saya panoorin to ng sabay sabay kayo, diba? Nakakaiyak. Haha. Sobrang saya kasi maging highschool.

Kung ayaw nyo sa Youtube, meron din sa Vimeo

Thankyou talaga sa manonood. HAHA. 

This video seriously reminds me of how much I regret leaving my last school year in high school. A lot of what ifs, could’ve and should’ve’s creeping in mind right at this moment. I totally envy these folks. No one has any Idea of how much fun to experience high school in Pinas. Well, these folks are from Bataan (province where I came from) but none of them is familiar in my eyes. pretty weird, maybe three years of being away from home is quite long, that I can’t even recognize the  faces of my town. 

Oh I miss home… I miss high school…If only I could turn back time, I wouldn’t have leave you. 

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3 June 12


Hi Guys! Time really flies way too quick! It’s already June—could you believe that? lol. Anyway, I hope you had a fantabulous and an amazing month last May! Well, I’d still love to continue my monthly-blog-series that I’ve started here, despite of me moving to another blog site.Thus, this post will completely about my month of May.

Well honestly, there are a lot of downtimes unfolded. You have no Idea how much sadness I’ve gone through last month. Despite of all the sadness, I still managed to realise and see the beauty of it. I’ve been reminded of all the life lessons, everyday.  Like they said, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. Now I finally grasp what It truly means. And yes, I’d like to say, that in spite of all the downtimes, I remained still and become stronger than ever. Praise God. I wouldn’t survive without His Grace. 

Well this is my plain and simple description of my May. I couldn’t think of any way of sharing it (or maybe I’m just so lazy to blog :p, not to mention I’ve been having writer’s block for quite awhile now—torture eh?) haha. So yea, I hope you had a wonderful MAY and certainly hoping that we’ll have a fantabulous year ahead of us :) 

It’s time to move on from misery; it’s about time to smile :) 

I’m so looking forward to a bigger and brighter June! x God’s with me.

I didn’t fully abandon tumblr, of course, this is where I started, and this will always be part of who I am. Naks ang drama ko. Oh well, this going to be my photo/words-blog :) I hope that’s fine with ya :p


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22 May 12

I come across to one of my friends facebook photo earlier today, and I was extremely saddened and a bit disappointed on how she dress up. I am not a fashion expert, but seeing her with that outfit, I feel somehow offended. You know a lot of girls are trying hard to follow the hippest fashion trends without thinking and caring if that particular trend can really suit them. I mean they’ll try copying a certain kind of fashion from a magazine, but they don’t really know how to carry themselves with that attire.  Don’t get me wrong, all of us have the rights to wear anything we want to wear. But just to follow a certain trend you would sacrifice yourself to be disrespected? Like really?  What for? for praises and applause. If you really want to be respected (most especially by guys) act modestly and dress up properly. You don’t have to reveal more of your skin. You don’t really have to follow the fashion trends just to be “in”.  Remember: Less is more. You are already beautiful just the way you are. And most importantly you don’t have to dress up to impress, because God loves you wholeheartedly even those times when you feel you’re a mess. 

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13 May 12


I can still vividly remember the day I was thinking about the title of my monthly journal for the month of April, then I came up with “April-mazing” while having a doubt If that month will really live up with its title…nonetheless, It did! My April was indeed amazing. Oh well, there were still  down times, but I guess I’ve encountered more happy moments last month (Praise God). 

Well, there were actually a lot of changes that took place last month. There were a lot of beginnings and letting go.  April was my starting point to living a ridiculously good life.  I started being more myself, taking each day as a gift and slowly stepping out of my comfort zone. April is probably my blossoming month. 

I finally have the courage to wear the clothes that I’ve been wanting to wear, careless about what people might think about me. Honestly, this was one of the things I dreaded to do before. And  yes finally I did…I can feel freedom within me :)

Bought things that I think might help me on my pursuit of self-discovering.

  • A journal, which is not a diary of events, but a journal of the life lessons I want to remember for the rest of my life. 
  •  A bag where I’ll take with me in my every journey
  •  A book which my friend gave me, to guide me on discovering life :)

Well aside from those things, I started going out of my comfort zone (my room). 

  • I go see places and witness the beauty of His creations.  I travel as much as possible as I can. 

  • I went out with my friends, just completely enjoying my youth. And took this as an opportunity to inspire people <3

  •  did things that I used to perceive as stupid. Well I actually realised that it’s okay to look stupid every once in awhile =p

Oh yea just like this.

  • And yea I HAD A HAIR CUT!!! This probably the third hair cut I had this year…and it’s only April. Hehe Well  it’ll take awhile before I get another hair cut again, unless I change my mind. 

  • Then I started living for others. Putting everyone’s happiness first before mine. 

Oh please don’t mind my crappy face on the first photo. Plezzz. HAHA

  • Oh I even got conscious about my health. It’s about time to take care of myself and love myself more. So for the healthy living, I started walking and doing zumba again :)

And I guess the most extravagant event that unfolded last month was the moment I found my best friend. 

And yes, she’s my sister! Who would have thought? After the long time searching for the right one who would have thought that I’d find a best friend around the corner of our house? God’s really work on the most mysterious ways.  So blessed to have her, like really. 

Last month unfolded amazingly. I think that’s pretty obvious with my photos above—I am on a FULL SMILE. Yes, I am smiling…a lot now.  I’m taking everything one step at a time and It feels good that I finally building up the courage that was once shattered.


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