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22 July 12


We can travel this place as long as I got you right here next to me ☺

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6 July 12


Turning Point - The One Who Truly Loves Me (Official Music Video)

“The One Who Truly Loves Me” Written & Composed by Glecy Canete. This song was inspired by Glecy’s testimony, at a young age her father had passed away. After that, there was a period in her life where she felt rejected and unloved. Often feeling left out and reviled by others. But God was always there with her through it all.


There are times I feel rejected, unloved
There are times I feel accused, abused
There are times I feel alone, ignored

But You are always there, You are always there

Lord you’re there to love me, accept me
Help me, forgave me, saved me, guide me, healed me and protect me
You’re always there to lift me up
When I can’t stand on my own
Hold my hand,and telling me how much You really care for me
You gave me hope, gave me joy, gave me peace, gave me strength
Now I know that You, Oh God are the One who truly loves me, who truly loves me

I don’t know what my life will become without You
Cause You’re all I need God, You’re my everything

Direction, Cinematography, Concept, Styling: Lois & Clarissa Campos

Edited By: Clarissa Campos

Song Written by: Turning Point (Glecy Canete)

Music arranged by: Bhudz Legaspi

A Big Thanks to Turning Point members:
David Taronas, Joel & Christian Barroba, Bhudz Legaspi and Samson Rodrigo.

Special thanks to:
Neil Solomon Lopez Locsin, for allowing us shoot at one of his lovely ancestral homes.
Brian Arthur Abrasia Villa for recommending The Locsin Ancestral Home.
Christina Campos & Eunice Denuevo for providing for some of the wardrobe.
& Sis.Pilita Denuevo for providing for the lunch & snacks.
May God bless all who have participated & contributed to this project.

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24 June 12


One Desire Hillsong Live

You gave it all for me
My soul desire, my everything
And all I am is devoted to You

How could I fail to see
You are the love that rescued me
And all I am is devoted to You

And oh, how could I not be moved
Lord here with You
So have Your way in me
Cause Lord, there is just one thing
That I will seek

This is my cry
My one desire
Is to be where You are, Lord
Now and forever
Its more than a song
My one desire
Is to be with You
Is to be with You, Jesus 

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22 June 12

This is definitely a MUST SEE! Ang galing talaga ng The Lamars! 

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17 June 12

days like this when I just feel like singing and sharing this talent to the world haha 

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23 May 12

Mr Guitar Genius

I’ve been having a writer’s block for a couple of days now, thus,  I  can’t come up with a genius title for this post. So for awhile, I’ll just settle with Mr Guitar Genius. 

So meet Mike Roque, the Mr-Guitar-Genius himself. Mike’s been existing in this world for 16 years now, he’s currently a Year 12  student  (which equivalent to 4th year high school in the Philippines), and he has so much love and passion for music!

His guitar is basically his weapon. He started strumming and learning the chords two years ago. And yes, he’s my brother. 

I am really close with my siblings—I have found a confidant in each of them. Among us, I believe that Mike and I are the ones that much alike, not only physically but also with our interests and attitudes. But we still have respective differences, of course.

When he wants one thing, he’ll do everything just to get it. He’s very driven and passionate (*ehem mana sa ate eh :p)

Maybe that’s the reason why I come up with the title, “Mr Guitar Genius”, because he really is a genius himself when it comes to guitar. I am so amazed on how fast he can learn songs. I am left in awe every time he strums his guitar strings. I just can’t be more proud of him. My brother’s indeed an artist. He also writes songs. He doesn’t consider himself as a singer though, but he’s a brilliant rapper.  I am not being bias or anything. I’m just stating the facts. This guy has a great future in the music scene, and hopefully one day, I’ll be able to watch him play on concert stages! For sure, I’ll be his number one fan. 

So proud of you brotha. Just keep doing what you love doing the most. Love ka ni Ate! :)

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20 April 12


I don’t even know him and I am so proud of him. Clean for almost a full year, top three on The X Factor, and going on to put out stuff like this…..amazing.

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Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh